if you only watch one stream archive from NYC_VF this year, let it be this one!

a Kage player runs the gauntlet from Japan, facing off against America’s best!

Kyasao - Kage

Rodney - Akira

Denkai - Jacky

Tricky - Eileen

Jacko - Sarah

Harpooner - Jeffry

Libertine - Brad

Cruzlink - Beer


The long-awaited FT10 between Tricky and Rodney takes place at the 3:11:00 mark.

I’ll be down at Next Level with these guys next month for NYG9, which you should watch, too - a 3 day celebration of VF featuring VF2, 4 Final Tuned, 5 and 5 Final Showdown. That’s August 15 - 17!